Wednesday, June 4, 2008

Polish Crested / Poland Chickens

Crested Polish Chicks

Red Polish Hen

Golden Polish Hen

White Crested Blue Polish Hen

Buff Laced Polish Rooster

White Crested Black Polish Rooster

Silver Laced Polish Rooster

Splash Polish Rooster

Polish (Poland) chickens were actually first developed several hundred years ago in Holland. Originally bred for their eggs, now Polish chickens are primarily show birds because of their beautiful and unique plummage, especially their fantastic, hat-like or punk hair-like crests. Polish chickens are available in a wide variety of colors: red, buff, blue, brown laced, silver laced, black, splash, white, and marbled. Polish chickens are very docile and friendly and lay small white eggs. Because of their ornamental feathers, Polish chickens may have difficulty in extremely cold, stormy, wet, or muddy conditions and may sometimes require a crest "haircut" if the feathers begin to block their vision. Polish Crested chickens also have a bantam (miniature) counterpart.
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1 comment:

MMM said...

Those first two photos from Flickr are mine. They were my first flock, and I loved those hens! The black one was Joan Jett, the red one Ann Margret, and the red one in the back was Apollonia, who turned out to be a beautiful rooster.