Thursday, March 6, 2008

Austalorp Chickens / Black Australorp Chickens

Black Australorp Chick

Black Australorp Hen

Black Australorp Rooster

Black Australorps were developed from the Orpington breed in Australia. These chickens are very hardy, especially in the cold, and are quite friendly and docile. Because of their kind personality, Australorps are an excellent breed choice for children who want to raise chickens. Black Australorps make an outstanding backyard flock member because of their mild temperament and their tendency to lay large amounts of medium size brown eggs. In 1922-1923 six Australorp hens broke the world record for the most eggs layed in a year: 1,857 eggs. On average, a healthy Australorp hen will lay approximately 250 eggs per year. Australorps also have a bantam (miniature) counterpart.
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