Thursday, June 12, 2008

Frizzles (What is a Frizzle?)

Cochin Frizzle Chick

Polish Crested Frizzle Hens

White Cochin Bantam Frizzle Rooster

Frizzles are not a breed of chicken, but rather "frizzled" feathers are a result of a mutant chicken gene, which can occur in many breeds. A frizzle's feathers curve outward instead of laying flat against the body, thus creating the furry, frizzled appearance. Many frizzles end up being show or exhibition birds because of their unique look. The most popular frizzled chicken is the Cochin, a variety of which is bred for its frizzled look, though roughly one in four chicks from frizzled parents will develop normal feathers.
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Joy said...

I love your latest occupation. You must enjoy your days in that imaginary place:-) I was posting pictures of the hen house we call Coup DeVilla that my husband built and wanted to say the next chickens I was getting were frizzles. So went looking for a pic and found your post right in the first ones. Thanks for putting all those varieties up. Here's to you and your chicks!