Tuesday, May 6, 2008

Dorking Chickens

Silver Gray (Grey) Dorking Chick

Silver Gray (Grey) Dorking Hen

Colored Dorking Rooster

Dorkings are an ancient breed, perhaps having been introduced into England by the Romans. The most common color for Dorkings is silver gray (grey), but white, red, and a colored variety also exist. Dorkings tend to be delicate and aren't always hardy, especially in heat, but do well in cooler climates. Dorking chickens are very docile and friendly and lay medium size white eggs. Dorkings also have a bantam (miniature) counterpart.
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fromy said...

I am looking for info on the dorking breed. My question is, what type of comb should a potential "show quality" silver grey or red Dorking have. Please help. dk

farooq mf said...

nice checks

farooq mf said...

i like chickes.the small chicks pic are so nice