Sunday, October 5, 2008

Belgian D'Uccle / Belgian Bantam / Mille Fleur (True Bantam)

Belgian Bantam (Mille Fleur) Chicks

Belgian Bantam (Mille Fleur) Hen

Belgian Bantam (Mille Fleur) Rooster

Belgian D'Uccles (also known as Belgian Bantams, Belgian Bearded D'Uccles, Belgian Bearded Bantams, and Mille Fleurs) originated in the town of Uccle, just outside Brussels, Belgium. Belgian Bantams are considered True Bantams (chickens that are one fourth to one third the size of regular chickens) because they do not have a large counterpart. To learn more about Bantams, click here. The Begian D'Uccle breed has several varities, with the speckled Mille Fleurs (pictured above) being the most common. The other varieties include: Porcelain, Black, Buff, White, Blue, and Golden Neck. These Bantams are characterized by their beard and their beautiful feathered feet and legs. The Belgian D'Uccle hen makes a wonderful brooder and mother and lays very small white eggs (it takes two to three Bantam eggs to equal one regular chicken egg). Belgian D'Uccles have a very mild temperament and are quite friendly (the roosters are rarely aggressive) and make an excellent chicken for children to raise. This breed is generally hardy, but does not always do well in wet, muddy conditions because of the feathered feet.

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