Friday, March 7, 2008

Silkie Chickens / Silkies / White, Blue, Gray, Buff, Black, Red

Buff Silkie Rooster

Red Silkie Hen

Buff Silkie Chicks

Gray/Blue Silkie Hen

White Silkie Rooster

Silkies come in a variety of colors: White Silkies, Blue Silkies, Gray (Grey) Silkies, Buff Silkies, Black Silkies, and Red Silkies. Silkies are an ancient breed, dating at least from 13th century China. This chicken breed is hardy and is suited for both cold and hot climates, but may not do well in extremely stormy weather because of its plummage. Silkies are very docile and friendly and make wonderful birds for a backyard flock and are an excellent choice for children to raise. Silkies lay small eggs that are usually cream to very light brown in color. It takes roughly two to three Silkie eggs to equal one regular chicken egg. Silkies also have a bantam (miniature) counterpart.
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kmakani said...

Hi there. I was looking at your pictures to try to figure out whether we have a silkie bantam or not (they told us this is what we have when we purchased ours). I'm not sure if it is normal, but ours has what looks like hair plugs on the top of her head, very sparse, not very thick. Will they grow in or will we have what may be a mix of some kind (she is only 1/1/2 months old). Thank you for your help!

Bo Horton said...

I'm not sure if anyone responded to your question, but silkies have a LOT of feather variation. With silkies, acceptable/attractive varies even within the same colors and patterns. Plus at 1.5 or about 3 months today, she's still growing and filling out. I suspect she's going to be changing for quite a while yet.

There's also the fact that silkies are cute and goofy and the more unique they look the better. Try doing some web surfing for silkies and if that doesn't show how much they can vary, then try searching for "showgirls" a cross between silkies and naked necks.

gracey said...

The local feed store has some silky juveniles. I wonder how long before I can tell rooster from hen. Are there any early features that would reveal sex?