Sunday, June 8, 2008

Welsummer (Welsumer) Chickens

Dark Brown Welsummer Eggs

Welsummer Chick

Welsummer Hen

Welsummer Rooster

Welsummers (Welsumers) were developed in Holland in the early 1900's. Welsummers have an interesting origin, being bred from a combination of the following chicken breeds: Rhode Island Red, Barnevelder, Leghorn, Cochin, and Wyandotte. The Welsummer rooster has the "classic" cockerel look and was used as the model for the Kellogg's Cornflakes rooster. Welsummer chickens are very hardy, especially in cold weather and, though energetic, are friendly. Welsummers have recently gained in popularity for backyard flock enthusiasts because of their beautiful dark brown, terracotta colored eggs, which are large in size. Welsummer chickens also have a bantam (miniature) counterpart, but please note that the bantam Welsummer does not lay dark brown eggs, but small light brown eggs.
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