Thursday, June 12, 2008

Sebright Chickens: Silver and Golden (True Bantam)

Silver Sebright Chick (Bantam)

Golden Sebright Chick (Bantam)

Silver Sebright Hen (Bantam)

Golden Sebright Hen (Bantam)

Silver Sebright Rooster (Bantam)

Golden Sebright Rooster (Bantam)

Sebright chickens are named after Sir John Sebright, who developed this bird after nearly 30 years of selective breeding in the early 1800's in England. Sir John Sebright wanted to create an ornamental chicken with very specific size and plummage. Sebrights are "true bantams" which means they are one fourth the size of standard chickens and have no large counterpart. For more information, please see Bantams. There are two varieties of Sebrights: golden and silver. Both Golden Sebrights and Silver Sebrights lay tiny white eggs and are somewhat skittish and nervous in temperament. When Sebrights reach adulthood they are generally hardy, but the chicks tend to have a higher than average mortality rate. Sebright roosters are "hen feathered" which means that they lack the usual large sickle feathers characteristic of most roosters. Due to their small size and large wings, many Sebrights can fly fairly high, and thus should be kept in a pen with a roof or top netting.
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