Wednesday, April 30, 2008

Barnevelder Chickens

Barnevelder Eggs

Barnevelder Chicks

Barnevelder Hen

Barnevelder Rooster

Barnevelder chickens are a Dutch breed, developed in Holland in the late 1800's. Barnevelders have beautiful plummage, with the most common color being brown double laced, but white, black and blue varieties have also been developed. Barnevelder chickens are generally hardy, except in very cold climates. Barnevelders do well in warm and even damp conditions.
Barnevelders have an extremely mild and friendly temperament and make wonderful additions to a backyard flock and are a great choice for children to raise. The Barnevelder breed is especially known for its dark, reddish brown eggs, which are usually quite large in size.
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Johan Stuyts said...

You posted a picture of our hen. Woohoo, she is an internet celebrity now! She is called Xia by the way.

Your blog is great (which is not difficult because it is about chickens ;-).

Bibphil said...

My Barnevelder rooster which I have raised from a chick is quite aggressive, he reacts badly to removing eggs.