Friday, April 25, 2008

Jersey Giant Chickens

The Huge Jersey Giant Chicken!

Black Jersey Giant Chick

Black Jersey Giant Hen

Black Jersey Giant Rooster

Jersey Giant chickens are aptly named as many of them reach 10 pounds or more. Developed in New Jersey in the mid 1800's, the Jersey Giant is the largest chicken breed in the world. Jersey Giants are predominently black, but also can be white, and more recently, a blue Jersey Giant has been developed. Jersey Giants are extremely hardy birds and do well in cold climates. Jersey Giants do tend to eat a lot of feed and may not be the most economical chicken to own, but they are nevertheless, great backyard flock birds because of their kind and gentle temperament. The friendly personality of the Jersey Giant makes this breed an excellent choice for children who want to raise chickens. Jersey Giants lay medium to large size brown eggs and make great mothers / brooders. As strange as this sounds, Jersey Giants also have a bantam (miniature) counterpart.
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